Prodrive Technologies

About us
As a privately-owned company, we aim to provide more than just shareholder satisfaction. We operate under a healthy ambition to be of relevance, and to contribute to meaningful innovation that tackles major challenges in society. We create technologies that are essential links in the systems which form the basis for today’s and tomorrow’s world. Our technology, for instance, improves the quality of medical imaging, which allows for diagnostics that recognize diseases earlier and more accurately. Our techniques also contribute to reducing the global dependency on fossil fuels, and to minimizing human exposure to air pollution.

Creating meaningful technologies that make the world work
Another example is the contribution of our technologies to global digitalization, which lowers barriers for people in third world countries wishing to access the information and education that are essential for their welfare. Therefore, our joint mission is to create meaningful technologies that make the world work. Quite literally everything centers on the customer, our passion for technology, and on constantly improving our business processes. This ‘DNA’ has been crucial to our company since we began operating in 1993 and it’s the foundation of our success as well as that of our clients. Working for – and usually in close partnership with – you, we develop and produce electronic and mechatronic products and systems with an exceptional price-performance ratio.

a passion for technology
We can do this because we have smart ways of optimising, integrating and robotising, and because we produce everything we need in-house. These are just some of the reasons why we’ve been able to build a competitive edge over all other providers of technical solutions, anywhere in the world. When we began in 1993, we were helping clients to develop the electronics for their products and systems.

Sustainable growth
Our processes and products are as sustainable as humanly possible. It’s true to say that manufacturing usually doesn’t exactly benefit nature. Nevertheless, at Prodrive Technologies we are well on the way to becoming the ‘greenest’, least environmentally destructive technology company in Europe. How do we do this? It’s very simple, by working in a fundamentally different way to many other organisations. At Prodrive Technologies we collectively take responsibility for everything we do and how we do it. What’s more, our focus is not on profit at any cost, but on achieving sustainable progress.

Extremely refined process control
In everything we do we deliberately take the environment, our surroundings – and the future – into account. For example, our new buildings are designed for the long term and incorporate ambitious programs which rapidly reduce the use of energy, raw materials and plastics. But what makes the real difference lies in our unique approach to continually optimising, automating and applying robotics: thanks to an exceptionally high productivity per square meter, the footprint of our organisation is now 5 to 6 times lower than that of comparable companies.

Contact information
HR-Manager: Ruud de Vries
Phone: +31631776160